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sunday, june 06, 2010
Busy summer

Just back from a day of drawing outside, and back on to the process of preparing for an exhibition this summer. I'll be showing with Bernard Conda, a good friend and insanely talented drawer and painter of assorted naked people at Portlock Galleries in South Norfolk, VA. As a result, I have managed to enter no shows this year, which is kind of dissapointing. Hope to have two new pieces ready and a lot of work that has never seen the exhibition circuit, mainly in the form of the threee hour paintings from live sessions at out regular drawing group. I'll also be showing a few older works that have never been seen as intended and/ or that are too freaking big to exhibit anywhere else. Back to it!


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06/08/2011 - Julie

Hey Mark! It's Julie...modeled for the group and occasionally painted with a few years back (think really bad dreadlock experiment and thigh high boots.) I am excited for you both. I like the new work. Tell Bernard I said "hi" and if you ever come up to Philly, you are both more than welcome over for some dinner.

07/20/2010 - Jane Vaughan

So Mark , where is this exhibit going to be?

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